Piping Design Engineering

Pipe Design Engineering is a significant department in various streams of engineering, like Mechanical, Chemical, Petroleum and Production Engineering. Pipes and its affiliate equipments are account for 25% of total transactions in the chemical, pharmaceutical, power plants, LPG / CNG Plant, Distribution System, oil and petrochemical plants. So Piping Design Engineering plays an important role in plant Design and its Construction.Mechanical Engineers, System Designers, Production & Manufacturing Engineers with familiarity of piping design engineering are enables to make effective & efficient designs, prepare of equipment specification and route layouts etc. in any EPC company.

A number of overall summons such as protection against corrosion, maintenance of pipelines, pipe coating, pipe bending, pipe welding, leak detection in long-Online pipelines and offshore services, cleaning of pipelines, powerful use of pipe etc, create the requirement of functional piping design engineers.

Piping Design Engineering

Entry Requirement:

Ace Piping is among the first engineering institute in India for providing training in specialized field like pipeline, safety and construction engineering.

Four year undergraduate degree into Chemical, Mechanical, Production (Industries), Engineering or equivalent,or experience Diploma Engineers of a satisfactory standard and deemed suitable preparation for entry to the program by the selection committe.

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