Electrical Design Engineering

In our education institutions no official studies are providing to the students in electrical design. Due to shortfall of alertness, student will not get experted on electrical design systems. But there is high bidding of Electrical Design Engineers in many segments like design, manufacture and installation of power and distribution systems, Sub-stations Design, commercial and Domestic interior lighting, selection of protective device, CCTV System Design, design of security system, design of fire alarm systems, design of low current systems and Sound Systems design.But due to shortfall of good Engineering Design Institute in India student could not get the knowledge of Electrical Design. So India’s First”Engineering Design & Power Training Institute” concluded to start explicit training on Electrical Design Engineering. All Courses on Electrical Design are designed by Engineering Design & Power Training Institute with the help of Association of Power & Design Engineers.

Electrical Design Engineering

Entry Requirement:

Four year undergraduate degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering or equivalent,or experienced Diploma Engineers of a satisfactory standard and deemed suitable for entry to the program by the selection committe.

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